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Aikido is an ancient art with roots in various martial arts from the period of the samurai. Aikido is based on the development of ground techniques. It is based on mutual respect. Although aikido is a martial art using bare hands, even when the opponent is armed, the motion must remain pacifist. We can find two types of movement: control (Katame-wasa). These categories consist of more than 700 different movements.We learn to use the strength of the opponent against himself in order to control him. Aikido has very precise techniques at the joint level.


Ai: unifying, checking, harmony

Ki: breath of life

Do: path, perspective, search


Aikido Classes 

Aïkido classes are an excellent self-defense classes. Plus, it challenges us to work withpartners that are more or less taller than us, in order to be prepared for all types of situations. It is work that is done with flexibility and helps the development of physical and mental harmony of each.


This class provides: 

a complete workout designed to improve:

        • Discipline;
        • Technique;


Aikido classes structure at the Académie Frontenac:

    • Warm up: Obviously, the Aikido classes always starts with a complet warm up. They usually are made of a 5 minutes of jump rope followed by another 5 minutes of exercises choosed by the coach.
    • Techniques: Then, the coach will show different Aikido techniques and will make sure that the student can apply them.
    • Work-out: Usually, the Aikido classes finish with a work-out made of exercises choosed by the coach.



    • All our Aikido classes are given by one some of our coaches. All the Académie Frontenac’s coaches are qualified and devoted to push the membres to reach their goals, and even further, in our Aikido classes.
    • For more informations about our coaches, please go see our web page: http://academiefrontenac.com/entraineurs.php?langue=en


What’s best than a free try out class to prove that, Aikido is for you?


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